Denise Guray


Denise has always loved to cook
and eat. She has combined a busy day job with catering to a few select local cafes for many years. 

When she was diagnosed as a coeliac she found it difficult to find gluten free options that were healthy and delicious so YUMMEE GLUTEN FREE was born. 

Denise has a genuine passion for healthy eating and understands the benefits that good, whole nutritious foods can have on the body and mind. 

Denise is a qualified nutritionist, and is passionate about whole food cooking and passing on her knowledge to others.

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A Bit of History


Hi, i’m Denise, the founder of Yummee Gluten Free. I was diagnosed with coeliac disease about 20 years ago. When I became gluten free, it changed my life!!! I knew from an early age that food impacted on my health and total wellbeing but within about 3 days of being gluten free I was a new woman!

As a teenager I suffered from migraines and digestive issues. 

I have been a keen cook all my life. Many years ago I had a business supplying local cafes and health food shops with cakes, biscuits and desserts. Baking was always my first love! 

I started Yummee Gluten Free almost 3 years ago now as a way to fulfil a lifetime dream and passion to provide people, especially those on restricted diets, with premium quality and delicious food. 

Bye for now, more to come




Yummee Stuffed Mushrooms

Nut Butter Love