Denise Guray


Denise has always loved to cook
and eat. She has combined a busy day job with catering to a few select local cafes for many years. 

When she was diagnosed as a coeliac she found it difficult to find gluten free options that were healthy and delicious so YUMMEE GLUTEN FREE was born. 

Denise has a genuine passion for healthy eating and understands the benefits that good, whole nutritious foods can have on the body and mind. 

Denise is a qualified nutritionist, and is passionate about whole food cooking and passing on her knowledge to others.

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Nut Butter Love


Hi Guys,

Denise here, founder and cook at Yummee Gluten Free and I'm here to tell you about our famous nut butters.

love for nut butters started with my son, as he was becoming a strapping young man and played lots of sports, he needed nutrition and sustenance.

Nut butters was the answer! They provided him with energy, variety, nutrition, a snack between meals or part of a meal. 

As time went on we developed our product range with cashew, cacao and date nut butter from my daughter’s love for chocolate and Yumme Gluten Free was born. 

Today we have a wide range of nut butters, all of which are vegan, made from premium organic, gluten free ingredients and the most importantly, handmade with love.

To explore our range of nut butters please visit our store or follow us on Facebook & Instagram for more recipes and innovative ideas. 

“Let good by thy medicine and medicine by thy food” - Hypocrates  


- Denise  


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