Denise Guray


Denise has always loved to cook
and eat. She has combined a busy day job with catering to a few select local cafes for many years. 

When she was diagnosed as a coeliac she found it difficult to find gluten free options that were healthy and delicious so YUMMEE GLUTEN FREE was born. 

Denise has a genuine passion for healthy eating and understands the benefits that good, whole nutritious foods can have on the body and mind. 

Denise is a qualified nutritionist, and is passionate about whole food cooking and passing on her knowledge to others.

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Yummee Roasted Vegetable and Zucchini Soup



1/2 pumpkin; washed, seeds removed and cut into smallish chunks

2-3 carrots; cut into similar size  

6 medium zucchinis; sliced

3cm knob ginger; grated

2-3 sprigs oregano and/or whatever you like or have available  

1 heaped teaspoon cinnamon  

extra 1-2 sprigs oregano sprigs; leaves only, chopped for garnish

1 tablespoon per serve Yummee Gluten Free Tamari Sunflower Seeds or LSA

How To Make It

1 preheat oven to 180c

2 drizzle olive oil onto a baking tray and place pumpkin, carrot and any other veg you like on to the tray. 



3 use a fine sieve to evely coat the veg with cinnamon and put into the oven to cook for 1hour or a until the veg is golden brown and soft.

4 meanwhile, put a little olive oil in a medium size saucepan over medium heat. When it’s hot, add zucchini and stir to coat. Do not brown as this may make the zucchini bitter. When it cooks down a little, add the grated ginger. Stir through, add the oregano sprigs and continue cooking for about 5-10 mins.


add oregano and ginger to the part cooked zucchini 

add oregano and ginger to the part cooked zucchini 

5 if the roast veg are not ready put a lid on the zucchini mix and turn off the heat. If/ when the roast veg are ready add them to the zucchini mix. Pour in any roasting juices too.



roast veg are ready



6 add enough filtered water to cover the veg.

7 gently simmer for about half an hour OR put back in the oven- turn the heat to 160c for about an hour

8 blend to your liking, garnish with extra herbs and Yummee Gluten Free Tamari Sunflower Seeds. 

Note: I follow a low fodmap diet but feel free to add onion, garlic etc to the dish. Add it before you put the zucchinis in.

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